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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 52 Days!

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

"Let er' rip" - Les Miles, Oklahoma State head coach

Sooner fans will always remember the infamous "Let er' rip" quote from then Oklahoma State head coach Les Miles in 2003 right before the Bedlam game. Sooner fans will also remember the final score of that game, 52-9. Oklahoma snapped Oklahoma State's two game winning streak against the Sooners, which by the way is also the last time the Cowboys ever beat the Sooners twice in a row.

They won the game behind Jason White's three touchdowns and their tenacious defense that forced Okie State into more punts than first downs.

That Sooners 2003 team was led by Heisman Trophy winner Jason White and defensive back Derrick Strait. They made it to the Big 12 championship and National Championship but failed to win either of those games.