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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 54 Days!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bell will always be remembered as a Sooner legend under Bob Stoops. From the belldozer package in 2012, to the quarterback who stepped in for half the season in 2013, and playing tight end as a senior last season, Bell was a versatile player who always stepped up when his team needed him. One of his most memorable moments as a Sooner came when he was making his first road start at quarterback against Notre Dame. Where his 54 yard touchdown pass sealed the victory late in the game.

Back in September 2013, the Sooners were 3-0 heading into South Bend, Indiana. They were ranked 14th in the country and looked pretty good early in the season. But Notre Dame is a different animal than Tulsa or Louisiana Monroe, so many Sooner fans weren't too optimistic about their chance against the Fighting Irish.

Then the rest is history, as two interceptions in Notre Dame's first two drives put the Sooners up 14-0 and they never lost the lead. But at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Oklahoma was up 27-14 before the Fighting Irish scored a touchdown to make it a six point game with 14 minutes left. But then Blake Bell found Sterling Shepard on the ensuing possession for a 54 yard touchdown pass in one of the most memorable plays of the season. It was a bullet over the middle and Shepard sped his way past the defense for six points. Then the Sooners, trying to make it a 14 point game, decided to go for two as Bell once again found Shepard in the endzone to make it 35-21.

You can see the touchdown and two point conversion here.