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OU Headed to SEC Rumors

We really like page views, so we will start this rumor train again.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Football news is sparse during the dog days of summer. Recruiting takes a back seat, vacations happen, and we are still over 60 days from kickoff. So what better way to pass the time, than re-kicking the tires on conference realignment.

The man that almost every OU fans loves to hate had this to say on twitter regarding realignment.

So IF this gigantic hypothetical were to happen what would it look like? The SEC currently sets at 14 members. Here they are



Texas A&M







South Carolina



Ole Miss

Mississippi St.

Adding just one team makes little sense for the conference, so a team like Virginia Tech could also be in play.

Here are some initial thoughts on this crazy scenario

1- The Football Schedule Would Be Incredible

Road games to Tuscaloosa, Athens, Baton Rouge, Gainesville, and Oxford would crush road games in Ames or Lubbock.

How about LSU coming to Norman or hosting the Gators? The college football star power in these match-ups would be amazing.

2- Recruiting

While the Sooners would probably experience a slight uptick in recruiting by joining the SEC, some real concerns would emerge long term. The state of Oklahoma doesn't produce the quality of in-state talent on par with the likes of Alabama or Mississippi. This could be a problem going forward.

3- What About Bedlam?

Initially I'm inclined to say "eh who cares" as part of me would enjoy watching the Pokes fade into obscurity. However, it would be completely possible to schedule this as an out of conference game each season. Another hypothetical would be for the Pokes to come with the Sooners as the 16th team in the SEC. While I guess anything could happen, the Pokes following the Sooners to the SEC is highly unlikely.

4- Goodbye Kansas State, TTech, TCU, Baylor, Iowa State, and OKState

The Kansas basketball program makes them a team that won't get left out in the reshuffle. Texas will no doubt be fine and land on it's feet. The rest could be left out in the cold. Several would probably get gobbled up by the PAC 12 along with Texas, but this scenario inevitably leaves a couple of these teams out in the cold.

5- Will this ACTUALLY Happen?

Not anytime soon. The Big 12 is already dead, it just hasn't had its funeral yet. Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M combined with the Longhorn Network was the final nail in the coffin. Even though the conference is dead, we will have to wait several years for it to be finally laid rest.