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Parker Boudreaux Commitment Prediction

Parker Boudreaux
Parker Boudreaux
Student Sports

**6/29 Update**

Things don't appear to be trending in the Sooners direction. The prediction of the Fighting Irish being out appears to be wrong. In fact most people think Parker will end up in South Bend.

Parker Boudreaux (6-5/290) is arguably the top player on the Sooner offensive line recruiting board. He tweeted out earlier today that he will be committing to the school of his choice next Thursday.

Boudreaux appears to be down to the Sooners, Fighting Irish, and the Clemson Tigers. I suspect this is really a two team race, Clemson and the Sooners. While the Sooners haven't fared too well as of late going head-to-head with the Tigers, I am cautiously optimistic that this battle will end in the Sooners favor. It could be very well that I am just looking at this through crimson colored glasses, but with the numerous visits, and the push by the Sooner coaches, I feel that Bedenbaugh and the Sooners will win out.