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FLASHBACK: Renaldo Work versus the state of Alabama, 2002

And you say Sooner Magic isn't real?

You remember that time Oklahoma crushed Alabama?  No, not this last time, the other time.  No, the other other time.  I’m talking about 2002.  A palindrome year.

I’m talking about our backup runningback saving our bacon.  Not only did he save it, he cooked it up on the griddle and served it to us with fresh biscuits and honey.  Let me explain.

I was watching this game with the OU Club of Chicago.  The place we were watching gave us the big big screen, which was kind of awesome.  There were a bunch of Alabama fans in attendance, and Alabama was leading for most of the game.  It was a tight seesaw, but Alabama had more points on the scoreboard for most of it, and their fans weren’t shy about letting us hear about it.  I respect Alabama and their fanbase, but these cats in that bar were getting pretty obnoxious.

But then Renaldo Works, our backup runningback, went and did this.

All of a sudden, these very drunken Alabama fans got very, very quiet.  And when Oklahoma punched it in shortly, thereafter, they paid their bar tab and left.