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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown To Kickoff | 73 Days!

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Punters often fail to receive credit for their work. However, the ability to flip the field and pin an opponent deep in their own territory can prove vital in the game of football. The Oklahoma Sooners possessed one of the nation's premier punters in Jeff Ferguson during Bob Stoops first few years.

In an attempt to go for length, most punters lose their accuracy. That was not the case with Ferguson who claimed a school record 73-yard punt in 1999. Before eligibility ran dry, Ferguson found himself tabbed as an All-American.

Yet, the most memorable play from his time at Oklahoma may have come against Florida State in the 2000 National Championship Game. As a junior, Ferguson turned a bad snap into a safety giving the Seminoles their only points of the night. The heads up play kept FSU from making a go of the game while turning the attention back to the Seminole offense vs the Sooner defense.

Start the clip at the 2:52:55 mark to see the botched snap and brilliant reaction of Ferguson...