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Du'Vonta Lampkin Update: Waiting is the Hardest Part

Du'Vonta Lampkin
Du'Vonta Lampkin
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Finding concrete information on the Du'Vonta Lampkin situation is becoming very very difficult.

Here is what we know regarding the star defensive tackler from Houston, TX.

1. He was one of the earliest Sooner commits for the class of 2015.

2. He subsequently de-committed and then committed to Texas.

3. Rumors swirled leading up to National Signing Day that Lampkin would switch the Sooners, but he signed his Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Longhorns.

4. Several weeks ago he tweeted that he would not be attending Texas even though he had signed his LOI.

5. Rumors began to swirl regarding academic issues and class requirements for admissions into Texas.

6. These rumors still persist, but they are looking like lots of smoke without any fire. Lampkin was/is taking the necessary coursework to qualify at Texas, yet he still will not attend.

7. OU is thought to be the final destination for Lampkin, but as of now he has not been released from his Letter of Intent.

So what happens next? We wait for one of two things to happen.

1. Texas releases him from his Letter of Intent.

I put the likelihood of this taking place at less than ZERO.

2. The fall semester begins.

At this point, I don't believe Texas can keep him bound to his letter of intent.

I really wish there was more to say and definite answers could be given. The final verdict is that barring anything unforeseen, Lampkin should by all accounts be a Sooner. It just might take a while.

For those of you wondering what type of player the Sooners would be getting, Lampkin is 6-4/300 wrecking ball at defensive tackle. Here is a highlight video of him from his senior season.