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Three Questions | The Best And Worst Of Defensive Recruiting

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Well...Thursday came and went without me getting the three questions post put up. It wasn't the staff's fault as they got their responses to me in plenty of time, it's just the result of a plane ole busy schedule. Anyway, here's our conversation on the best and worst of Oklahoma's defensive recruiting.

Who is the most overrated defensive recruit to ever come to Oklahoma?

Donnie: Chijioke Onyenegecha. A JUCO transfer, he was supposed to be the best corner to ever set foot on the OU campus and was a sure fire top pick. He played and was decent but never lived up to the hype.

Joey: Demarcus Granger. He could never seem to remain healthy and finished his career with just 78 tackles.

Rich: Quincy Russell. He came in and instantly earned the title of "savior" along the defensive front. However he never made any noise on the field while we as fans shifted focus elsewhere.

Caymen: Mike Reed was a 5-star JUCO transfer at linebacker and was one of he best prospects in the country. His off the field issues kept him from playing in 2007. He eventually transferred to UCO to finish out his career.

Who is the most underrated?

Donnie: Either Dan Cody or Austin English. Neither were highly recruited but both ended up being significant contributors and difference makers while at OU.

Joey: Travis Lewis. I remember watching pregame of the Red River Rivalry in 2008 and the studio guys were talking about how great Ryan Reynolds had been so far. Of course, Reynolds got hurt in that loss and left a huge hole at linebacker. That same year Lewis burst on the scene to lead the team with 144 tackles.

Rich: Three-star Aaron Colvin came to Norman and was shuffled from corner to safety and then back to corner. However, his development led him to two consecutive first-team All Conference selections as a lock down corner. He could have been a legitimate first round draft pick if not for a late injury.

Caymen: Corey Bennett was a 2-star prospect who wasn't supposed to get much playing time and ended up being a three-year starter. With teammates that were listed as four and five star recruits, Bennett proved that the stars don't always correspond with hos good you will be.

Which defensive recruit was spot?

Donnie: Gerald McCoy. He was a 5-star recruit and became an absolute star while at OU and is now a star in the NFL.

Joey: Gerald McCoy. The 2006-09 seasons had to be an all-time peak for talent named McCoy.

Rich: Tommie Harris was the No. 35 overall recruit and he lived up to the hype. He started every game as a true freshman and is now a guy that fans compare other defensive linemen to.

Caymen: Tony Jefferson was a four-star recruit out of high school and saw immediate action as a freshman. He was a very solid player for three seasons before leaving early for the NFL.

That's it for us. Feel free to give your own answers in the comments section below. If you'd like to submit your own questions for Three Question Thursday then send an email to crimsonandcreammachine at with the subject line, "Three Question Thursday."