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Sanchez | "Frank Shannon Returns To Oklahoma Sooners Football Team"

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The spring semester has come to a close at the University of Oklahoma which means that Frank Shannon's suspension has drawn to an end as well. On Sunday afternoon cornerback Zack Sanchez announced via Twitter that Shannon was back.

Oklahoma's leading tackler in 2013, Shannon was suspended in 2014 for violating the school's Title IX sexual misconduct policy despite the fact that the district attorney failed to prosecute on criminal charges.

In October Zack Sanchez raised some eyebrows during his performance against the Texas Longhorns that ultimately earned him a weekly Defensive Player of the Year award from the Big 12 Conference. During the game Sanchez had a tribute to Shannon written on his bandanna.

Sanchez Headband

"No, nothing team related is to be made public," Stoops responded when asked during the weekly teleconference, "and that's the same on Twitter, same on any social media, and I would regard that as social media. Team matters are to be with us. Period."