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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Receiver K.J. Young Dismissed From Team

Brett Deering/Getty Images

Moving to an offensive philosophy where wide receivers are going to be a premium the Oklahoma Sooners went down one on Sunday. The Oklahoman's Jason Kersey confirmed on Sunday afternoon, what we had heard earlier in the day, that sophomore receiver K.J Young had been dismissed for violating unspecified team rules.

Young played in twelve games last season with three starts. He caught 19 passes for 215 yards and a score in Oklahoma's struggling 2014 offense and was expected to be a contributor in 2015 with new offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley's fast-paced spread attack. In Oklahoma's spring game last month Young caught three balls for 28 yards.

The Sooners still have fourteen receivers on the roster (not counting Young who is ironically still there) but in an offense where they'll need to go at least eight deep at the position experience will be key as well and that's where Young's dismissal may have the biggest impact.