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Oklahoma Sooners Running Back Keith Ford Announces He Will Transfer

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Brett Deering/Getty Images

We'd like to throw a big ole hat tip to our buddy Josh McCuistion over at Rivals for breaking this story. It's not really news that will shock anyone though as running back Keith Ford has announced his transfer.

Ford had been suspended from the team indefinitely in late March but in a statement released by his family it appeared as if the four-star running back was looking forward to the challenge of working his way back on the team. "When Coach Stoops told us 'I will never shut a kid out' he solidified our complete trust and confidence in the OU program," the family said in a statement. "We are praying for the return of Keith Ford #21." On Wednesday a different statement was issued and this one was from Keith Ford himself.

If there's a position that Oklahoma isn't hurting at it's running back. Samaje Perine burst onto the scene last year and was named a Freshman All American, among other accolades, and much of Sooner Nation is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to finally see Joe Mixon run the football. I'm not saying that Ford won't be missed (5.8 yards per carry) but I am saying that I think the current stable of running backs can absorb the loss and continue forward.