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DT Jordan Phillips Drafted by Dolphins in Second Round

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

While the Sooners had zero first round picks in the 2015 NFL Draft, (RS) sophomore Jordan Phillips became the second Sooner drafted after Dorial Green-Beckham was selected in the second round. Phillips, a Kansas native, has tremendous size (6-5/329 lbs) and a unique skill-set that could turn him into a huge steal as the 52nd pick in the draft.

While he only played one full season at Oklahoma after injuring his back in the 2013 season, Phillips made a huge difference in the running game this past season up front. His massive size and talent made him hard to guard, which is how he earned seven tackles for loss in 13 games. But many scouts are saying that the biggest upside of Phillips is that he still has quite a bit of potential that remains untapped, making him an interesting prospect.

Phillips also had a memorable "fat guy" touchdown against Tulsa this past season, returning a fumble for 69 yards only to see it get called back because of a penalty. Still, a nice athletic play by Phillips that once again shows that he can be a play maker on the line of scrimmage.

He will get the opportunity to play alongside NFL star Ndamokung Suh, a fierce defensive tackle that is widely considered the best in the NFL. The ironic thing is that scouts were worried about Phillip's motivation to play football, and the Dolphins decided to place him right next to one of the most motivated and hyped up football players in the league. But then again, I'm not too sure any Sooner looked motivated to play defense last season.

Phillips was a high potential, medium risk kind of player going into the draft and was arguably the best player available at the time of his selection. He might not ever be an all-star player in the NFL, he should serve as an above average starter in a couple of seasons and have a solid professional football career.