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April Predictions for Class of 2016

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Camron Williams
Camron Williams
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Here is our April class of 2016 recruiting class predictions. We are going to try and do this each month. (Here is March's Predictions). While we knows it's probably way to early to be making these predictions, but that's never stopped us before. We are still expecting a class of anywhere between 18-20 which means the Sooners will need to be selective while still addressing some big needs. So without further ado, here it is.

Quarterback - 1

Austin Kendall 6-2/210

Last month we had Dwayne Haskins on this list and while the Sooners have not stopped recruiting him, we believe that Austin Kendall will end up as the QB for the class of 2016. Kendall is no slouch as he is rated as the number 27 overall player in the class of 2016 by

Running Back - 1

Devwah Whaley 5-10/200

There is some question as to whether the Sooners will take 2 running backs in the class of 2016 now with the Keith Ford situation. We don't believe that numbers will allow that to happen, so we have one running back in the class of 2016. Whaley has offers from schools such as Bama, Ark, UGA, A&M, Texas, Stanford, and Baylor

Tight End - 0

At this point we don't believe that the Sooners will take a tight end in the class of 2016

Wide Receiver - 3

1. Adrian Hardy 6-3/185 COMMIT

2. Camron Williams 6-3/200

Williams is a prototypical WR with impressive size and the skill to back it up.

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3. A player yet to be offered. I believe this will be a slot WR.

Offensive Line - 4

1. Kellen Diesch 6-7/270

Diesch has a huge frame and this is a Baylor/OU battle that I expect the Sooners to win.

2. Rowdy Frederick 6-5/316

Frederick doesn't have a Sooner as of yet, but it will happen and when it does, he will be a Sooner.

3-4. The Sooners should take 1-2 additional offensive lineman but I don't believe that they have been offered as of yet.

Defensive Line - 2

1. Amani Bledsoe 6-5/265

Bledsoe is huge and from Kansas. The Sooner track record in the Sunflower state is pretty good when they are really after a player.

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2. Michael Williams 6-2/300

Linebackers - 5

1. Jon-Michael Terry  6-2/225 COMMIT

2. Pernell Jefferson 6-3/230

Jefferson is a big guy already considering his senior year in high school hasn't even begun. He was teammates with class of 2015 LB Arthur McGinnis

3. Calvin Bundage 6-3/200

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4. Caleb Kelly 6-3/215

5. Marvin Terry 6-2/225

Terry was the teammate of class of 2015 safety Prentice McKinney. This will be a TTech/Sooner battle that will come down to the wire. I expect the Sooners to win out but it will be CLOSE.

Defensive Backs - 4

1. Andraez Williams 6-1/160

2. Rodarius Williams 5-11/165

3. Chanse Sylvie 6-0/186

Andraez and Rodarius are brothers. They play in the same defensive backfield as Sylvie. I expect all 3 to be Sooners.

4. Jared Mayden 6-0/187

Mayden has family connections to the Sooners and he will be announcing at The Opening. This one is more of a feeling, but something tells me he will be a Sooner.

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