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Three Question Thursday | Our Take On The NFL Draft

As we approach the NFL Draft we thought it would be appropriate to aim our three questions at a few of the Sooners who are eligible to get their names called this weekend.

1. Will Jordan Phillips have his name called tonight or is he going to be a second round guy?

Rich: Phillips is a rare combination of size and athleticism. However, the concern may be with the lack of experience and back issues. I still think he goes late first round though.

Joey: I don't think he goes tonight but I wouldn't be surprised if he went as the 32nd overall pick to New England and filled a big hole there at defensive tackle.

Caymen: Team are going to pass on Phillips in the first round, but not because he doesn't have first round talent. Rather it's because his injuries make him a questionable pick on opening night.

Donnie: I think he drops to early second round because of back issues combined with the fact that he disappeared and had little to no impact on several games last year. He also will need to improve on his technique because he far too often plays too high.

Matt: While I certainly feel that Phillips is a first round talent I have to agree with the consensus here in that his previous back injuries and somewhat questionable work ethic will result in him sliding into the second round. I would love to be wrong though.

2. Will Blake Bell get drafted?

Joey: I think a team will take a flyer on him late in the draft. He has potential as a tight end.

Donnie: Yes, but not until the 6th or 7th round. I do wonder if my answer is based on me looking at things through crimson colored glasses?

Rich: I'm all over the charts with Bell. One half of me says that he's still a raw talent with plenty of "make up" work compared to other tight ends. The other half of me says he made great strides in blocking while his experience at quarterback gives him a feel for space. I think someone takes a shot, knowing he's a work in progress, in the 5th round.

Matt: He's one of those guys that you have to draft. He doesn't merit an early round pick but you certainly want him in your camp without having to negotiate against other teams in the undrafted free agent market. I say he goes in the 6th or 7th round.

3. Which former Oklahoma player has the best chance of making his way on a team this summer as an undrafted free agent?

Donnie: Adam Shead or Chuka Ndulue. Shead can dominate if his back holds up and Ndulue, if put in the right situation, could have a long and steady career where he doesn't do anything flashy, but sticks in the league for 8-10 years.

Joey: I could see Ndulue being a good pro. He could latch on with a team and be a great backup that can easily fill in when injuries hit.

Rich: I agree with Donnie on Shead. He flashed signs of greatness throughout his college career. Given the opportunity, Shead could very easily land himself on an NFL roster.

Matt: My guy is Julian Wilson. He just always seems to find a way to stick somewhere when is isn't labeled as "good enough" to be there. He'll sign with a team and then make his mark as a special teams player and a solid reserve or nickel option.

That's it for us. Feel free to give your own answers in the comments section below. If you'd like to submit your own questions for Three Question Thursday then send an email to crimsonandcreammachine at with the subject line, "Three Question Thursday."