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Tyler Brown: The Fastest Rising Prospect in Oklahoma

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes in recruiting players happen to be all but in your back yard. That is the case with class of 2016 offensive lineman Tyler Brown (6-6/320). Brown is from Lexington, OK. which happens to be less than 20 miles from the OU campus. Brown was a little bit of an unknown until recently. He recently picked up offers from North Texas and Tulsa, and last weekend visited the Sooners.

It also appears that Brown will be visiting the Sooners again this Friday. He is also receiving heavy interest from Texas Tech.

Not only would it not shock me if Brown picks up a Sooner offer this Friday, I wouldn't be shocked if he has offers from most of the Big 12 by the time his senior year starts.

If you are wondering what type of player Brown is, check out this film below. There is some definite talent there.

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