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Sooner Nation Podcast | Post Spring Game Analysis With Toby Rowland

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Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey look at us trying to be consistent with the podcast again. We've got a great episode lined up for you this week as well. The Voice of the Sooners joined us to talk a little OU Baseball, share his thoughts on Buddy Hield, and...oh yeah, Oklahoma's Red/White spring football game.

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We'll tell you which players impressed us, which one's we really didn't take notice of, and go in-dept into the competition to be the Sooners' starting quarterback.

Who impressed you on Saturday in the spring game and how would you rank the quarterback competition? We don't want this to be just about us, so hit us up with your thoughts as well. Sound off in the comments section below and let us know if you agree or disagree. Also, if there's something you'd like us to discuss of follow up on for the next podcast hit us up as well.