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Oklahoma's Spring Game | Well That Was Anticlimactic

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

You can bank on us getting a lot more in detail a little later on but for now there's not a whole lot of things we're gonna pick up from this afternoon's scrimmage. Both sides of the ball have plenty of work to do still but yet both sides had their share of highlight moments. Clearly the defense was vanilla and clearly the offense was limited with some play-makers on the sidelines.

Here's a few quick thoughts with more to come later.

• The defense secondary was better than expected but still had a few coverage issues.

• DeDe Westbrook is fast, really fast!

Cody Thomas is more of a player in the quarterback race than people gave him credit for.

Mark Andrews is huge and athletic but needs to work on his hands a bit.

• Even with a target jersey on Samaje Perine looked intimidating when he carried the ball.

• The offensive tempo should be much quicker this fall.