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Oklahoma Sooners Spring Football Game Thread

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Brett Deering/Getty Images

Start Time: 2:00 pm

Television: FOX Sports Southwest

Radio: Oklahoma Sooners Radio Network

I'm really not sure what to expect from today's game. Typically we see a bunch of vanilla on both sides of the ball in these things but with the installation of not only a new offense but an entirely new offensive mindset I just don't know. Here's a few things that I'm going to be looking at during the game.

How much of an understanding do the players have of the new offense? I know for a fact that the entire offensive package isn't installed yet, and I wouldn't expect it to be, but I want to know if they've got the general concept of what Riley is trying to do. A bunch of procedure penalties, blown blocking schemes, and receivers running the wrong routes would point to them not having a very firm grasp.

How much depth is at the linebacker position? I think this unit is more solid than they are initially given credit for and I'm looking to see just how many play makers they have at the position.

Receivers! You gotta be deep to run the spread and do it right. Let's see who can play ball in this receiving corps.

Defensive Backs - Arguably the most important unit when it comes to defending Big 12 offenses. Also the most depleted on Oklahoma's defense.

Quarterbacks - Seriously, who isn't watching this position?

Most of the CCM writing staff will either be at the game or unavailable so feel free to help yourselves in the comments section below. Let us know what you think before, during, and after the game.