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Eric Striker and David Boren's Video Interview on CNN

Today was a difficult day for the Sooner family. Emotions were high, people were hurt, but in the end the university came together in some incredible ways. The capstone on the days events were live interviews on CNN earlier this evening.  OU President David Boren and Linebacker Eric Striker shared their strong thoughts on what has taken place.  While it was safe to assume that both men would handle themselves in an exemplary way, both more than delivered.

Here is President David Boren's video.

Several former and current players offered their thoughts on the interviews as well. They took to twitter to share their thoughts.

We are more than happy to shout from the roof tops that both Eric Striker and President Boren represent everything that is right with the Sooners. Neither Striker nor Boren shied away from being open and transparent about how they felt about what took place, but neither overreacted when the CNN host attempted to make himself a part of the story.

Striker had several quotes during his interview which show his great character and ability to rise above in an incredibly difficult situation that many of us will never even begin to understand.