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Oklahoma Sooners Spring Football Preview | Linebackers

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

What do you say in article that discusses a position that returns Striker, Bond, Evans, Alexander, and Obo? Actually you say a lot. The linebacker position is one that has some definite question marks heading into spring practice.

Here are some things to watch for during the Spring.

1. The Absence of Frank Shannon and Dominique Alexander

With Dominique Alexander out with injury and Frank Shannon unable to return till May, it will be a spring full of young middle linebacker talent. Both Tay Evans and Curtis Bolton will be called on early and often.

2. Building Depth

The linebacker depth is kinda shaky behind Striker, Bond, Evans, Alexander, Shannon, and Obo. Further the Sooners will exhaust the eligibility of 4 players following the 2015 season (Bond, Striker, Lindley, and Shannon). It will be a big spring for several of the underclassmen to step up and cement themselves into the 2 deep. The main two candidates are the previously mentioned  Tay Evans and Curtis Bolton. While Bolton's high school film is really good, I look for Evans to show flashes of a player that could be a difference maker at some point in his career.

3. No Injuries

It is imperative the Sooners avoid injuries at the Linebacker position. A torn ACL or broken bone could expose what is already razor thin depth.

4. A Need for Talent Infusion

The linebacker play as a whole needs a talent infusion. That and about 15-20 pounds of muscle on every player. This spring will show if anything a need for true freshman Ricky DeBerry and Arthur McGinnis to be ready to go when they hit Norman.

Projected Post Spring Practice LB Depth Chart

OLB- Striker/Bond

MLB- Evans/ Evans*

MLB- Alexander/ Evans*

OLB- Obo/Bond

*This doesn't reflect the addition of Shannon which will be at the end of the spring semester.