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2nd Junior Day Set for this Weekend

2016 LB Donatvious Jackson
2016 LB Donatvious Jackson
Student Sports

The Sooners are set to host a huge group of 2016 and 2017 players this weekend for their second Junior Day. The amount of talent on campus will be high and I would guess that we could end up with a commitment or two before the weekend is up. Here is a list (albeit incomplete) of the players that will be in attendance this weekend. I will also try and predict which prospects could end up as Sooners after this weekend.

Abe Anderson 6-3/220 LB

Chris Brown 5-11/190 DB

Jean Delance (Sooner Commit) 6-5/270

Rowdy Frederick 6-5/315 OL

Chandler Garrett 6-4/210 QB

Dontavious Jackson 6-2/240 LB OU OFFER

Pernell Jefferson 6-3/230 LB OU OFFER

Nick Starkel 6-4/190 QB

Chanse Sylvie 6-0/185 DB

Jacob Todora 6-4/270 OL

Andraez Williams 6-1/160 DB OU OFFER

Rodarius Williams 5-11/165 DB OU OFFER

Michael Williams 6-2/280 DL OU OFFER

Parrish Cobb 6-1/170 DB OU OFFER

Dae Williams 6-0/205 RB

While this list doesn't represent all who will be in attendance, it gives you an idea of who will be in town this weekend. There are several things to look for this weekend that will be of great interest

1- Will the Sooners offer either Starkel or Garrett at Qb? I am guessing not at this point, although it wouldn't shock me.

2- This will be DB Chanse Sylvie's 2nd Junior day visit. This time his teammates Andraez and Rodarius Williams will be with him. A second visit would definitely put Sylvie on a commitment watch list.

3- Pernell Jefferson is definitely on commitment watch. He was teammates with Class of 2015 Sooner Arthur McGinnis. I wouldn't be shocked if the Sooners land their 2nd LB commit for the class of 2016.

4- Will Bedenbaugh extend an offer to any of the guards in attendance this weekend? The Sooners are sitting well for Delance (commit) and OT  Kellen Diesch, but as of yet don't appear to be in the greatest of positions for interior lineman.

5- LB Dontavious Jackson has numerous ties to the OU program, including his friends with Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. While doubtful that he would commit to OU this weekend, it isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Check back throughout the weekend as this list will grow. Come Sunday we could even have several new members of the class of 2016.