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NCAA Basketball Elite Eight Open Thread | Cinderella Sat This One Out

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One half of the Final Four is complete with top seeds Kentucky and Wisconsin set to square off next Saturday in Indianapolis. The other side of the bracket will bring either #1 seeded Duke or #2 seeded Gonzaga vs. #4 seeded Louisville or #7 seeded Michigan State. It begs the question, where did Cinderella go?

One of the great things about March Madness is following the underdogs through the tournament but that story just wasn't there this year. Georgia State gained everyone's attention in the first round when they knocked off Baylor, as did UAB for downing Iowa State. However both of those schools were bounced in the Round of 32 and we were left with Wichita State and Michigan State as the lowest remaining seeds (#7) moving on to the Sweet 16.

Ten seeds and higher just didn't make an impact this year and even at a #7 seed Michigan State hardly qualifies for Cinderella. I'm not complaining though. Notre Dame and Kentucky were off the hook last night and how much fun is that Wisconsin game going to be now? I guess I just miss Cinderella a bit though because watching the tournament without a Valparaiso is kinda like going to a concert to see your favorite band only to find the lead singer has been replaced. The music is still good but it just doesn't feel right.

Game Time Channel
#7 Michigan State vs. #4 Louisville 1:40 (CT) CBS
#2 Gonzaga vs. #1 Duke 4:05 (CT) CBS