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Friday's Sweet 16 Open Thread | The Games, The Odds, The Contests

Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

I got hosed by UNC yesterday so hopefully I can hang on to a thread of dignity with a good bounce back tonight. Here's the line up for this evening's games and what channels they are on.

The Games

Game Time TV
#11 UCLA vs. #2 Gonzaga 6:15 (CT) CBS
#8 NC State vs. #4 Louisville 6:37 (CT) TBS
#5 Utah vs. #1 Duke 8:45 (CT) CBS
#7 Michigan State vs. #3 Oklahoma 9:07 (CT) TBS

The Odds

Game Favorite My Pick
UCLA vs. Gonzaga Zags (-8.5) Gonzaga
NC State vs. Louisville Cardinals (-3) Wolfpack
Utah vs. Duke Blue Devils (-5) Duke
Michigan State vs. OU Spartans (-1.5) Sooners

Before you read the remainder of this paragraph keep in mind that I was horrible in my picks last night. I think Gonzaga has an easy time with the Bruins, Louisville wins on a buzzer beater, and Duke pummels Utah. As for Oklahoma and Michigan State, all I can say is Boomer Sooner!!!

There will be a game thread for the OU game up just after 8:00 but for now this is your place to camp and and discuss March Madness.

The Contest