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Michigan State Scouting Report

What do the Sooners need to do to beat Michigan State?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners advanced to the Sweet Sixteen with a win over the Dayton Flyers, on Sunday. They will meet the Michigan State Spartans there. Michigan State is coming off a huge upset of 2 seeded Virginia. With a win, Oklahoma will advance to the Elite Eight since Blake Griffin was throwing down dunks in the LNC. Let's take a look into what Michigan State will do to try and stop such a thing.

Leading Scorer: Travis Trice - 15 ppg

Scoring: 71.5 ppg

Defense: 63.1

What Michigan State likes to do, is out defend you. If Oklahoma can get out and run, that will go a long way in terms of deciding who wins. As far as match ups go, it really depends which Oklahoma team shows up. To put it in words, will the team who played the first half against Oklahoma State show up, or the team that played the second half. Michigan State is a better version of OSU, meaning they like to do the same things. So, if second half OU shows up, they'll take care of the ball, rebound, force turnovers, get out and run, and work the ball around trying to find a good shot, in the half court setting.

Oklahoma tends to play in runs, moreso than most teams. They can give up 22-0 runs, or make you not score for 9 minutes. A lot of times, there is no in between. So, what the Sooners need to do, is come out of the gate firing, and limit the runs.