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10 Post Game Thoughts on the Sooners Win Over the Great Danes

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

1. TaShawn Thomas had a monster game and was a complete difference maker. IF the Sooners advance far in the tourney it will have to be on his back.

2. Hield was off again. He still had 15 points (but on 16 shots). The Sooners will need a much better Hield as the level of competition increases.

3. There is entirely too much time for commercials and between halves. #MarchCommercialMadness

4. The Sooner bench showed up tonight contributing 13 points (Booker 8, Bennett 4, Lattin 1).

5. Speaking of D.J. Bennett...he completely dominated a stretch of the 1st half with a block and 4 points.

6. Cousins game was rough, but he hit the shot of the game for the Sooners as the Great Danes were trying to stay in the game late.

7. Why would the NCAA seed a pod, where the Sooners could basically be playing Dayton in a home game? Oh wait the NCAA is not very smart.

8. Doug Gottlieb calling the game was eh...lukewarm...indifferent

9. Congrats to Lon Kruger, becoming the 1st coach in NCAA history to win an NCAA tourney game with 5 different teams

10. See you all Sunday with a trip to the Sweet 16 on the line.