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NCAA Tournament Open Thread Day Two | Is There Redemption For The Big 12?

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It has to get better, right? I mean, I know that it can absolutely get worse but Friday has to be a better day for the Big 12 than Thursday was. It has to!

Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia and Oklahoma State are all on tap for today and anything less than a 4-0 record is going to continue to kill the Big 12's reputation.

#15 New Mexico State vs. #2 Kansas 11:15 (CT) CBS
#12 Buffalo vs. #5 West Virginia 1:10 (CT) TNT
#9 Oklahoma State vs. #8 Oregon 5:50 (CT) TBS
#14 Albany vs. #3 Oklahoma 6:27 (CT) truTV

The Sooners have the night cap for the Big 12 and hopefully they'll be gunning for a perfect day for the conference. It's a tall task but it is much needed after the miserable day that Thursday was.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments here. We'll have an OU game thread up about an hour before tip.