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Sooner Flashback: Antonio Perkins hits three against UCLA

Flashback: Antonio Perkins bruises the Bruins

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For the youngins....  You know what it's like, in those later rounds of your fantasy football draft, when Ted Ginn, Jr. pops up?  Let me introduce you to the Sooner who had as many punt returns for touchdowns as Ginn.

It was one of those days that, every time the punt team zigged, Perkins zagged.  His last two scampers went largely uncontested.  Think of punt retuns like "Rock, Paper, Scissors," except playing at a disadvantage.  The Sooners guessed right three times in a row.

Perkins would go on to be a fourth round draft pick by the Cleveland Browns before getting cut.  His comeback bid in the CFL would end almost as soon as it started.  But for one day in 2003, he would electrify, setting an NCAA record that still holds.

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