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NCAA Tournament Open Game Thread | Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Up First For Big 12

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really care what anyone says, the opening round of the NCAA Tournament starts today...and what a fun day it is going to be! With the Sooners not in action until tomorrow, we just get to kick back and enjoy the dance in a stress free way. It absolutely won't be that way tomorrow so enjoy it.

Iowa State is the first Big 12 team to get a crack at reaching the Round of 32. They take on UAB at 11:40. Baylor is up next with Georgia State 12:40. In the afternoon slate, Texas plays against Butler at 1:45

Game Time TV
#14 UAB vs. #3 Iowa State 11:40 (CT) truTV
#14 Georgia State vs. #3 Baylor 12:40 (CT) TBS
#11 Texas vs. #6 Butler 1:45 (CT) CBS

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on the action here. Who got hosed? And who should have? We'll do our best to keep the thread updated throughout the day.

Enjoy March Madness!