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Join CCM's Bracket Challenge For Your Chance To Win A Free-One Year Sooner Scoop Subscription

The Sooners are back in the dance and we're back with our challenge. This year we're taking a step away from the traditional Yahoo challenge and going instead with the SB Nation version. The advantage for you is that it is much easier to sign up for and you can also start your own bracket challenge if you'd like.

Of course our friends over at the Oklahoma Rivals site,, are helping us out again this year with a free 12 month membership to our overall winner.

Here's how you sign up.

1. Go to the bracket log in page to create your account.

2. After you create your log in account, click here.

3. Click "Join"

4. Select "Traditional"

5. Make your bracket picks and set your confidence points.

Yes, it really is that simple. No need to sign up for a new email account or anything. You do need to know about the official rules though.

We've also got you covered on printable brackets so you can start the office talk first thing Monday morning.