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Former Sooner DB Marcus Walker is New Graduate Assistant

Julie Scheidegger-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Sooners have hired a new defensive graduate assistant in Marcus Walker. The new hire is a familiar name to the Sooner nation. Walker played for the Sooners from 2004-2007 at cornerback.

So What Does a Graduate Assistant Do?

Graduate Assistants are an integral part of the coaching staff. They are some of the primary recruiters when recruits are on campus, they are film room junkies, and help the coaches game plan each week.  Marcus Walker will also be another coach on the field during practices. Graduate assistant are two year positions (can appeal for a 3rd) and would be the equivalent to an internship in the business world.

Marcus Walker tweeted the world with his new twitter handle.

Chip Viney also tweeted out welcoming Marcus Walker to the Sooners coaching staff

Walker joins graduate assistants, Ryan Allgood, Tyler Tettleton, and Courtney (Chip) Viney.