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Oklahoma Sooners Football / Bob Stoops Announces New Coaches and New Coaching Roles

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In a move that has been a long time coming, the Oklahoma Sooners have announced their coaching staff changes for the next season. Before we break it down, here are the new coaches and the changes that are taking place.

Before we tackle some of the questions, it's interesting to note that only Bill Bedenbaugh has the same title and responsibilities from last year.

Here's is our analysis regarding the moves


1. Jerry Montgomery is rewarded for his abilities. Becoming a Co-DC not only is a promotion but a nice pay increase.

2. Kerry Cooks by all accounts is a significant upgrade with the defensive backs

3. Having two linebacker coaches (ILB and OLB) is the way to go for teams that play the 3-4. The positions are so different that most successful teams have 2 coaches for these positions.


1. I'm not sure what to make of the move from RB to Inside WR's by Cale Gundy. He has the distinct ability to say that he has coached both Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray, and now Samaje Perine. Now he is the Inside WR coach.

2. By not designating a coach specifically for TEs (this will fall under Inside WR's) it would appear that the Sooners are moving further from a power run offense and into more of a spread. While this was assumed, today's announcement all but confirms it. This might not be a negative, but it seemingly minimizes the TE position.

4. There is a certain coach that is still coaching on the defensive side of the ball.


1. Why on earth did it take the Sooners this long to announce the hires?

2. Nothing against Jay Boulware, but it's interesting to see him moved to a position that had arguably one of the best recruiters and position coaches in the nation coaching it. I believe Boulware will be fine, but he has big shoes to fill.

3. This should help linebacker recruiting improve (not sure it could be any worse)

4. . Is this staff arrangement really an upgrade over last years staff? In some ways I believe that it is. In other ways, I feel it leaves more questions than answers. For Bob Stoops sake it better bring the right answers.

Let us know what you think.