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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Sooners Out in Front for Two 5 Star 2016 Linebackers?

Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly
Student Sports

I don't want to get your hopes us, but linebacker recruiting actually could turn out light years better in 2016 than in 2015. Lots of things need to happen, but I believe the Sooners are on top for two 5 Star linebackers in the class of 2016. It almost seems improbable, but landing these two players seems very plausible. Without further ado. here are the two guys that could find themselves apart of the class of 2016.

1. Rahshaun Smith (Sooners, Bama, Clemson, Tennessee, USC, FSU, Ohio State and pretty much every other school in the country)

He is an absolute star. He recently transferred to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fl from Baltimore, MD. He possesses great size 6-2/225 as a junior in high school  The Sooners have several things working in their favor.

1. Jerry Montgomery

2. He envisions himself playing the same role in the Sooner defense as Eric Striker

3. He knows current Sooner Charles Tapper pretty well.

Here is a short clip of Rahshaun in action.

2. Caleb Kelly (Sooners, Bama, USC, Notre Dame, LSU, FSU, UCLA, and again pretty much every other school in the country)

Caleb is probably my favorite recruit in the class of 2016. He just makes big play after big play. He is already 6-3/215 and not even a senior in high school yet. Once again the Sooners have several things working in their favor (in fact I believe they have a strong lead).

1. Caleb is really good friends with current Sooner Michiah Quick.

2. Caleb knows and has built a good relationship with Sooners graduate assitant Courtney (Chip) Viney. Viney is also from Fresno, CA.

Here is a clip of Caleb in action

While the Sooners are at the top or near the top for both of these players, they are also definitely in the mix for the following 2016 linebackers.

Erick Fowler 6-3/235 from Manor, TX.

Jeffrey McCulloch 6-2/230 from Houston, TX

Calvin Bundage 6-3/200  from Edmond, OK

Dontavious Jackson 6-2/238 from Houston, TX. (who happens to be good friends with current Sooner Obo Okoronkwo)

There is a long ways to go, but there is very real optimism that 2016 could be an entirely different year for linebacker recruiting.