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Oklahoma Sooners Football Rercruiting / The Class of 2016 Because It's Never TOO Early

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yes the class of 2015 is freshly minted, but recruiting must go on and on and on. Here is a first look at what the class of 2016 could look like number wise. Also it will give a short overview of several players that could wind up in the class.

After today the Sooners set at 84 (out of 85 maximum scholarship players) with only 12 players as seniors next year. That has the making for an incredibly small class, but the reality is that this class could be anywhere between 16-18. The Sooners could also receive a transfer (which would take a scholarship). Expect 3-4 players to leave the program during the offseason. So 12+ 1(remaining scholarship)+ 3-4 (players leaving the program) = 17. I will set the number at 18 because it's hard to take such a small class.

The Sooners currently have 1 OL commitment from Jean Delance. Jean is a high level 4 star player who could easily anchor an offensive line at Left Tackle.

With Jean in mind here is my way too early look at the how the numbers might work out in 2016.

1- Quarterback- This will be interesting to see the type of player Lincoln Riley offers.

1- Running Back- The backfield is already stacked and it just added Mixon and Anderson, but the Sooners will take 1 running back for sure.

1- Tight End- This position will be interesting moving forward. WIll the future TE's look more like an inline blocker (ala Blake Bell) or will they flex them out (more like a WR)

2- Wide Receivers.- No idea who but two would be the ideal fit considering Sterling Shepard and Durron Neal are both going to be seniors.

3-4 Offensive Lineman- The Sooners lose four lineman after next year. They already have 1 commitment in Delance. Look for the Sooners to take 2-3 additional players. One will definitely a player capable of playing center.

2-3 Defensive Lineman-This will depend on whether Marquise Overton qualifites. If he does, I could see 2 players. If not then the Sooners will probably take three.

3-4 Linebackers- I would lean to four. One would think that the Sooners will go after an elite JUCO MLB and then take three others.

2 DBs- Most likely both corners as the Sooners currently have six safeties on scholarship.

Total: 18 Players

As far as who those players could be, let's let the dust settle from the class of 2015 before we make any projections. That will start to sort itself out as the Sooners have two upcoming Junior Days (in February and March).

It's time once again to watch Jerry Montgomery and a new coaching staff flex their recruiting muscle.