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Oklahoma Sooners National Signing Day: 10 Thoughts on the Class of 2015

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

1. Neville Gallimore is really really good. It still amazes me that he signed with the Sooners over pretty much every other school in the Country.

2. Lincoln Riley will recruit at an elite level. He re-energized Cale Gundy and pulled in 2 WR commits (Green and Miller) without a WR coach

3. Dalton Wood in my opinion is so vastly under rated its crazy. Check out his film and tell me (barring injury or off field issues) he won't be a star.

4. I was completely shocked that Arthur McGinnis committed to the Sooners. I was convinced that the Sooners would only end up with Ricky DeBerry at Linebacker.

5. I feel bad for RB Rodney Anderson as he joins an incredibly crowded backfield that also just added Joe Mixon.

6. JUCO WR Dede Westbrook will catch at least 50 passes next year

7. I feel really really sorry for an DT having to go 1-on-1 with Cody Ford.

This is 2013 film

8. I hope I'm wrong on JUCO DB Will Johnson, but I just don't see where he fits

9. Dominique Hearne is probably a better player than he gets credit for. He committed early and never went to any camps.

10. Arthur McGinnis had the best tweet when he announced for the Sooners. His nickname is the Hulk.