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Mike Leach Confirms Dennis Simmons To Become Oklahoma Sooners WR Coach

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On National Signing Day, the Oklahoma Sooners have not only bringing in a ton of new player talent, but it also appears as though they are bringing in new coaching talent. Earlier today, Kerry Cooks officially joined the staff on the defensive side of the ball making the jump from Notre Dame. Now, Dennis Simmons has been confirmed by Mike Leach as jumping to the midwest from Washington State.

Mark Sandritter of SBNation's The Coug Center stated "Losing Simmons would be a major blow for WSU. He's a tremendous recruiter in Southern California, an area WSU hits hard, and a fine wide receivers coach. A look at the work he's done with WSU's outside receivers shows just how good Simmons is. He helped mold Vince Mayle into a legitimate top NFL prospect while Isiah Myers developed tremendously under Simmons' tutelage. Others have also improved significantly with WSU going from a "catch and fall" team as Simmons once called them to one of the most -- if not the most -- productive receiving corps in the country."

Simmons has experience working with Lincoln Riley's air raid offensive scheme. The two coached at Texas Tech and East Carolina together before Simmons parted ways for WSU. Now, the two will reunite to revitalize a struggling passing attack in Norman, Oklahoma.

On another note, Simmons recruited Dahu Green who committed to Washington State only to flip to the Sooners days before National Signing Day. This single factor likely explains the switch from Green, who I've heard from others wanted to stay close to home but had yet to receive an offer. It's all in the books now though.

Welcome to Sooner Nation Coach Simmons!