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Oklahoma Sooners National Signing Day: Grading the Class of 2015

Neville Gallimore
Neville Gallimore
Student Sports

After the dust settled and the Sooners ended the 2015 class with 24 commitments, the question(s) needs to be asked

1. Did OU meet it's needs

2. What are the grades for each position?


1. Did OU Meet It's Needs?

Yes, and No.

The reality is that there is 2 positions that many will claim that OU didn't adequately address their needs.

1- Linebacker

OU ended up with 2 stars at the position in Ricky DeBerry and Arthur McGinnis, but the reality is that there is only 2 players committed at a position that needed at least 3. The Sooners missed on several big time linebackers. Here is a list of linebackers that the Sooners missed on, which could have better addressed a definite need

Anthony Wheeler- Texas

KeiSean Lucier-South- UCLA

Darrin Kirkland- Tennessee

Josh Smith- Vandy

Cassius Peat- Mich St.

2- Quarterback

OU didn't take a Quarterback in the class of 2015 and for many that was a mistake. They saw the QB play on the field this year and are really concerned about the position going forward. Personally, I think that OU currently has the player on its roster to lead them back to prominence.

Position Grades

Quarterback: Incomplete

With no commitments in the class of 2015, it's hard to give a grade.

Running Back: B

While I think Rodney Anderson is more than solid, he joins a really crowded backfield. I assume he will redshirt.

Wide Receiver: B+

There is a bunch of new faces (JUCO Dede Westbrook, John Humphrey, Dahu Green, and AD Miller

Look for Dede Westbrook to start and I wouldn't be shocked to see Humphrey play. Both Green and Miller should redshirt.


Dalton Wood is the TE commitment in this class and I think he is a star. I however don't see him being that star at the TE position. I see him at OLB or a DE in the 3-4. He is already 6-4/250+.

OL- B+

The Sooners recruited a player who has every chance to start (JUCO Jamal Danley) and 4 other players (Bobby Evans, Cody Ford, Dominique Hearne, and Dru Samia) who should factor in down the line. My favorite prospect of the group is Cody Ford. I think OU will have 2 long-term starters out of this group (other than Danley).

DL- B+

This could turn into an A depending on whether Marquise Overton qualifies. This class is headlined by super star Neville Gallimore and solid defensive ends Kenneth Mann and Gabriel Campbell.


I thought about a C+, but went with a B, because the linebacker class has 2 difference makers. With another player this group is a B+.


It's hard to give this class a lower grade, but an A+ would mean players I feel are for certain 1st round draft picks. OU landed 4 stars PJ Mbanasor, Will Sunderland, Prentice MckInney, and Kahlil Haughton. They followed it up with 2 3 star players in Antoine Stephens and Will Johnson.

K- A+

Austin Seibert has an NFL calber leg as a high school senior. He should slide nicely into kicking duties next season.

Overall Grade: B

This class is solid, and if a few players had ended up Sooners, this class would be an A.