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Report: Oklahoma Sooners Officially Hire Kerry Cooks As Defensive Backs Coach

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation quickly turned to reality as Kerry Cooks has officially been hired as the Oklahoma Sooners' defensive backs coach, the same position he once held at Notre Dame, according to Sports Illustrated. Cooks replaces Bobby Jack Wright on the coaching staff.

Hoping to boost recruiting efforts, Cooks appears to be a solid fit with the proven ability to land prospects from the state of Texas, a place Oklahoma has traditionally dipped into for talent. Over the course of several years, the coaching staff at Oklahoma has taken a more national approach. Now it appears they are returning to their roots and returning to the DFW area with the reported hire.

During the tenure at Notre Dame, Cooks signed seven players from the Lone Star state. Rivals ranked him one of the top twenty-five recruiters in the nation. He alongside Jerry Montgomery could provide the Sooners with a talent pool not seen before during the current era.

Welcome aboard Coach Cooks!