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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / All the Possible Scenarios for National Signing Day

Prentice McKinney
Prentice McKinney
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With National Signing day just 10 hours away, I thought it would be good to cover all possible scenarios for the Sooners as they wrap up the class of 2015. While this will immediately become inaccurate almost as soon as it's posted, I feel that it will give Sooner fans a realistic, if not slightly optimistic idea of how the class will finish. We will start with prospects that I feel are all but guaranteed to be Sooners, then proceed to possibles, then those who are doubtful. I would include a place for recruits who could flip, but i don't see that as possible at this point.

1. Those Who Appear to Be Sooner Locks (this is still no guarantee)

OL Josh Wariboko

Josh tweeted out his final two earlier this morning of UCLA and OU. While many have thought that he would head out West, OU has been building what I feel is a commanding lead. Expect Wariboko to sign with the Sooners tomorrow.

DB Prentice McKinney

Prentice is currently a UNC commitment (formerly a ND commitment), but secretly visited OU over the weekend. Expect McKinney to sign to the Sooners tomorrow.

2. Those Who are Possible

OL Pat Allen

Pat Allen visited the Sooners for the Tennessee game but never really seemed to give the Sooners much thought after that. Bedenbaugh didn't give up and Allen eventually decommitted from Georgia. Allen has the Sooners in his top 2 along with the Bulldogs. Expect Allen to be a Bulldog but this is definitely possible for the Sooners.

3. DL Du'Vonta Lampkin

Du'Vonta has had a crazy commitment which at one point had him committed to OU. Now committed to Texas, rumors have persisted about Lampkin flirting with the Sooners still. Expect Lampkin to sign with the Longhorns, but I wouldn't rule him out until the letter of intent is received in Austin.

3. Those Who are Doubtful

WR- Van Jefferson

A couple of weeks ago this looked to be all but wrapped up for the Sooners. Then an Ole Miss visit resulted in a commitment. Van's recruitment didn't end their however as he visited Michigan. Van's commitment to Ole Miss is not strong and many consider him a lock for Michigan. The other question is whether the Sooners would take 5 wide receivers in this class. Expect Van to sign with Michigan tomorrow,

LB- John Houston

He will end up at USC. It's all but a lock at this point, but if in the crazy scenario he ends up at OU, it might just be what saves Tim Kish's job. He is an all world talent at OLB. Expect Houston to sign with USC tomorrow.

DB- Darreyl Patterson

Patterson picked up a Sooner offer, visited and ended up leaving Norman uncommitted. He then committed to Kansas State. If the Sooners send him a LOI tomorrow, you could see him flip. Expect Patterson to sign with KSU tomorrow.

4. Another Mystery

It's well know that the Sooners need help at linebacker. Who knows, another player might show up in the next 10 hours.