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Sam Bradford Headed to the Bills?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford is probably my favorite Sooner of the Bob Stoops era. I still remember him lighting up teams, breaking records, and his full out flip into the endzone against Oklahoma State. When drafted first overall to the St. Louis Rams, I was excited thinking that in time Bradford would be surrounded by an OL and WRs to compete at the highest level. That dream has all but died as Bradford's career has been haunted by injuries and questionable player personnel acquisitions and draft picks.

I firmly believe that Bradford would be best served by a fresh start, and according to a Yahoo Sports article, that might just be on the verge of happening. The team that is eyeing Bradford appears to be the Buffalo Bills. There are some compelling reasons why this would be a good fit, but also let's be honest its still Buffalo. The Bills have several things going for them that Bradford never really had in St. Louis.

Here are my reasons why this could be a good fit

1- A quality WR core

Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods and even former Sooner Justin Brown as light years ahead of the weapons Bradford had in St. Louis.

2- A much easier path to the playoffs

The AFC East is a much easier division to play in. The Bills get the Jets and Dolphins twice a year. Yes they have the Patriots, but the NFC West is filled with games against the Cardinals, 49ers, and Seahawks. The Patriots are obviously the Super Bowl champs, but still this is a much easier path to success in Buffalo.

There are several reasons why this could end bad for Sam

1- Weather

QB's in Buffalo have to have elite arm strength as outdoor games in Buffalo in December can be brutal on QB's with even the strongest of arms.

2- Rex Ryan

He is meh as a head coach as far as I'm concerned. His foot obsession is also really weird. I don't know if he is the answer to a team that has been mired in mediocrity and hasn't made the playoffs since the 1999 season.

All of that being said, Bradford could find himself in a really good situation in Buffalo. A fresh start could be the best thing for him. He is also no slouch on the field when healthy. The last time he was healthy for a full season he ended the year with over 3700 yards passing, 21 TDs 13 INTs, and a QB rating of 82.6

Here's to hoping that Bradford gets a fresh start even if it is in Buffalo.