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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / A Louisiana Trifecta in 2016?

Andraez Williams
Andraez Williams
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Louisiana has been good to the Sooners throughout Bob Stoops tenure (except in the Sugar Bowl against LSU). The coaches constantly remind us (to the point it has almost become annoying) that the Sooners beat the Crimson Tide just a little over a year ago.

It has also been good to the Sooners over the years with recruiting. From Frank Alexander and Rufus Alexander, to Nic Harris and Chris Brown the bayou has been a place where the Sooners have turned to find big time players. This year is no different as the Sooners have offered three players from the same team in Shreveport, LA. They comprise easily one of the best high school secondaries in the nation and all three could one day find themselves in Norman continuing to play together. Here are the players and where things stand with each.

1. Andraez Williams 6-1/160

Offers: Bama, ASU, Baylor, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St., A&M, Wake Forest, Utah and the Sooners.

2. Rodarius Williams 5-11/165 (Yes they are brothers)

Offers: ASU, Baylor, Miss St., Utah, and the Sooners

3. Chanse Sylvie 6-0/180

Offers: Baylor, Miss St., Nebraska, Northwestern, TCU, TTech, Tulsa, and the Sooners

It will be interesting to follow the recruitment of these three. Many consider the Sooners the favorite for Sylvie (barring an offer from LSU) and one would think that the Williams brothers would want to play together at the next level. All three players are still picking up offers regularly, but there are currently 3 teams that would give them the opportunity to play together at the next level: Baylor, Miss St. and the Sooners. Lots could change and these kinds of things don't always work out, but the Sooners could legitimately all but finish their defensive back recruiting from one school in Louisiana for the class of 2016.