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Oklahoma Sooners Football / Some DL Coach Speculating

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Just a reminder that this is speculation and dot connecting, because as of yet no one has any concrete info on who the next DL coach will be. We would love to be able to fill everyone in, but as of now, nothing is out there that is definite. That being said there is some rumors and speculation. So we will summarize some of that here for you.

1. Mike Elston

Mike is the current DL coach for Notre Dame. He has experience coaching with Kerry Cooks along 3-4 experience. He is young and would be considered by many as a home run hire.

Interestingly enough, the Notre Dame 247sports website had an article today claiming that Notre Dame will hire Keith Gillmore as their new DL coach. The speculation is that Mike Elston would move to coach linebackers, but as of yet that has not been confirmed. Could it be that Notre Dame is aware that Elston is leaving and that Keith Gillmore will be his replacement?

2. Ron Burton

The Michigan St. DL coach would also be seen a really good hire. He might not have quite the pedigree of Elston, but he has produced some really good defensive lineman at Mich St. while not having the easiest school to recruit too. Burton speculation come from current Sooner DB coach Kerry Cooks most recent people followed on twitter. If you remember Cale Gundy followed Dennis Simmons on twitter well before he was hired at OU.

Ron Burton

3. Sean Spencer

The Penn St. DL coach would again be considered an elite hire. He has followed James Franklin from Vandy to Happy Valley. The speculation on Spencer comes again from Kerry Cooks recent follows on twitter.

Ron Burton