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Big XII Officiating Becomes Laughing Stock Of College Basketball

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There have been murmurs of the terrible, and I mean terrible, Big XII Officiating crew. On Saturday night, the ignorance and incompetency of said officials reared its ugly head. On three separate occasions, the crew assigned to referee the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State Wildcats game flubbed calls. One can be dismissed, however three remains inexcusable. While there's no expectation of perfection, refs should be held accountable for their actions.

Here are the three aforementioned occasions, or examples as I call them below.

Example #1

Oklahoma's Frank Booker fires up a shot from the corner recognizing the team's leading rebounder, Ryan Spangler, awaits underneath the basket. As the shot bangs off the rim and begins its decent toward earth, Spangler gets tangled up with Stephen Hurt. Continuing on, Hurt pulls a classic WWE move throwing Spangler to the floor. The result? Spangler picks up the foul...if anyone cares to explain this to me and the rest of Sooner Nation, we are all ears!

Example #2

A course altering play, Justin Edwards realizes the lack of time on the shot clock. Hoping to create an opening Edwards comes to a jump stop while pump faking his defender. Readjusting to square his body up, Edwards moves both feet which should have resulted in a travel call. Instead the play continues as Edwards elevates to release his shot. Unfortunately, the pump fake took up precious time allowing the shot clock to clearly hit zero before the ball had been released. Needless to say, three points were added to the board...eternally.

Example #3

The least worrisome of the three, I present you with the last of my examples. Trailing the play, #12 Khadeem Lattin hustles back on defense just as Wesley Iwundu decides to attack the rim. As Lattin falls away from Iwundu, he swipes at the ball as a last resort effectively picking up his fourth foul. However, TaShawn Thomas clearly makes contact with the body and crosses the arms of Iwundu. Needless to say, someone's eyes might need to be checked as that foul clearly belonged to Thomas if anyone.