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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / 2016 LB Recruiting Board

Dontavious Jackson
Dontavious Jackson
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It's seems to be preety obvious that the Sooners will need to land at least 4 linebackers in the class of 2016. We thought we would take a moment to give you an overview of where linebacker recruiting stands just as the dust has settled on the class of 2015. We will also make predictions on a way too early class of 2016 linebacker commitments.

1. Calvin Bundage 6-3/200 from Edmond, OK @bundage27

Offers: Arizona, Iowa St., Michigan, OkState, TTech, Tulsa, and OU


2. Caleb Kelly 6-3/215 from Fresno, CA  @calebkelly

Offers: Bama, Arizona, ASU, FSU, LSU, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, UCLA, and OU (along with basically every other school in the country.


3. Rahshaun Smith 6-2/225 from Bradenton, FL by way of Baltimore, MD @Nextlevel_Shaq

Offers: Bama, Ark, Clemson, FSU, Kentucky, Mich St., Ohio St., USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, and OU (along with basically every other school in the country.

PREDICTION: A week ago I would have said OU, but with the departure of Jerry Montgomery, the Sooners will have to make up some ground. Looks for FSU or Clemson to be strong suitors for Smith

4. Erick Fowler 6-3/235 from Manor, TX @erick_fowler

Offers:  Bama, Baylor, LSU, Michigan, TCU, Texas, UCLA, OkState, and OU.

PREDICTION: Texas or LSU (but OU definitely not out of picture)

5. Jeffrey McCulloch 6-2/230 from Houston, TX. @jd_veintitres

Offers: Bama, ASU, Baylor, UGA, LSU, Michigan, Texas, Texas A&M, TTech, Neb, Mizzou


6. Dontavious Jackson 6-2/240 from Houston, TX @DCinco_5

Offers: ASU, Baylor, Mich, Mich St., OkState, TCU, A&M, Texas, Oregon, TTech, and OU


7. Mark Jackson 6-3/215 from Cibolo, TX @jackson111998

Offers: Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas, OkState, Mizzou


8. Jordan Carmouche 6-1/220 from Manvel, TX @itscarmouche

Offers: Baylor, Ark, Kansas, Mizzou, Texas, and OU

PREDICTION: He was just offered today, so to early to tell

9. Houston Miller 6-4/230 from Keller, TX @HoustonMiller88

Offers: Boston College, Duke, California, Vandy

PREDICTION: While not having an OU offer at this point, should the Sooners offer they would be hard to beat.


While it's incredibly early,  here is my 2016 linebacker class prediction for the Sooners.

Calvin Bundage

Caleb Kelly

Mark Jackson

Dontavious Jackson

Houston Miller