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Riley Out at South Carolina as They Are Set to Hire Muschamp

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Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching carousel is almost complete and the Sooners appear to have dodged the South Carolina bullet as Sports Illustrated is reporting that Will Muschamp is expected to be the next coach for the Gamecocks. Lincoln Riley rumors had been swirling, but it was always tough to truly gauge South Carolina's interest, although I don't blame them for recognizing Riley's immense talent.

Along with Riley, Rich Rodriguez, Willie Taggart, Sonny Dykes, Tom Herman and seemingly every other coach were at one point or another connected to the coaching vacancy, but Muschamp's name kept rising to the top.

Here's what we know. Muschamp in means Riley would be out. All of this attention on Riley and head coaching vacancies will probably result in a pretty significant raise for the Sooners first year play caller.

While the details for South Carolina are not completely sorted out yet, I think it's all but safe to say all Sooner fans can now breathe a sigh of relief.