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Oklahoma Sooners Beat Pokes for 2017 LB Levi Draper

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Draper's commitment was interesting to say the least. The 4* LB from Collinsville, OK committed to Oklahoma State earlier this summer, choosing them over offers from Bama, ASU, Clemson, FSU, Mizzou, and the Sooners. He appeared to be a solid commitment, but that all changed with his de-commitment Thursday evening.

While everyone assumed his de-commitment would result in an eventual commitment to the Sooners and that is the case. This commitment is seemingly just a little bigger than gaining a 4 star in-state linebacker. Draper was touted as a huge win for the Cowboys, and he was seemingly going to be used as the player who would be recruiting prospects to OKState. Obviously, that is no longer the case.

Draper is the Sooners 3rd commitment for the class of 2017 and is the third 4 star prospect.

Here is a short highlight video of Draper in action.

You can follow Levi Draper on twitter here.