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Lincoln Riley Off South Carolina's List?

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Could Sooner fans be ready to breathe a collective sigh of relief? Maybe....

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

We are all waiting on pins and needles for the South Carolina Gamecocks to announce their new head coach. Rumors have swirled that have connected Sooner's offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley to the position, but an update from seems to indicate the Gamecocks and Riley may be headed in different directions.

The article mentions 3 candidates Will Muschamp, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriquez, and USF head coach Willie Taggart, but makes no mention of Riley.

Also a report came out yesterday indicating that Muschamp had reached out to former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore to be a part of his staff should he get the job.  

While nothing is set in stone and official until an announcement is made, it would appear that Lincoln Riley's name is further down the list than what was first anticipated. It's not time to exhale yet, but this is a big positive update for Sooner fans.

MY PREDICTION: Will Muschamp will be named South Carolina's head coach and will go after an offensive coordinator that runs an offense similar to what Lincoln Riley runs at OU.