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Friday Locks Takes On The Conference Championship Games

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Season Results

Name Last Week Overall
Caymen 2-1 25-15
Joey 2-1 21-18
SaintSooner 2-1 20-12-1
Donnie 1-2 18-19-1
Matt 1-2 18-20
Rich 1-2 15-23-1

This Week's Picks


My theme for the week is picking against Texas schools.

I'm not taking Houston and the 7.5 over Temple.  My sound football analysis?  Houston is in Texas.

25 points?  No problem.  Arkansas State over Texas State.  Remove the word "State" from each school's name and I'd still take the 25 safely.

Finally, Baylor will crush the Longhorns. Here lately, the Baylor/TCU rivalry has felt more hate-filled than our Red River brand of hate, and so I'm trying to throw a little shade and get my hate in by proxy.


West Virginia over KSU 34-28. The Mountaineers recovery from their abysmal October will be complete, but they fail to cover. It will be interesting to see if they sneak into the top 25 on the final CFP rankings. 

Clemson over UNC 38-35. Clemson remains undefeated, but not without a huge scare from the Tar Heels. 

Baylor over Texas 41-17. Baylor is better in every area, even with their 3rd string QB. This will be ugly and the score won't be indicative of how bad Texas plays.


Michigan State - I simply think Sparty is a better team than Iowa. The dream season for the Hawkeyes comes to an end this Saturday. 

Houston - Nobody's been talking about it, but Oklahoma's nonconference schedule next year is REALLY impressive. After a matchup with Lousiana Monroe, Houston AND Ohio State come to Norman. Oh, Houston beats Temple this week too.

Baylor - Texas is bad.


Houston - If they play the same way they did last weekend, they should cover this one easily.

Baylor - Corey Coleman is still the best wide receiver in the country and Texas is without Heard. Baylor gets to 10 wins this weekend in a blowout.

USC - It's hard to beat a team twice. A Trojan win makes sure there is no Pac 12 team in the playoff, but even if they lose it should be close enough to cover 4.5 points.


Houston (-6.5) vs. Temple - Oklahoma had better be ready for that season opener next year, because the Cougars are going to be pretty dang salty.

Florida (+17) vs Alabama - I don't see any way that the Gators can win this game but I do see how they can keep it under 17. It's called defense.

Clemson (-5) vs. North Carolina - It's not a popular statement, but I've been saying since mid-October that the Tigers were the best team in the nation.