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Sooner Nation Podcast | Breaking Down The Orange Bowl With Roy Williams, Toby Rowland, & Don Munson

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It's not every day that Superman drops by to help preview a bowl game but that's exactly what happened on this episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast.

Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

The Orange Bowl is going to be epic, as the Oklahoma Sooners and Clemson Tigers go head-to-head, so we had to put together an epic Orange Bowl preview podcast. We typically try to keep our podcast to about an hour but it just wasn't possible this time around. Don Munson, the play-by-play voice of the Clemson Tigers, Toby Rowland, and Superman/Roy Williams all joined us to make this one of the most complete preview podcasts that you'll find on the net.

Use the media player to listen to our Orange Bowl preview

To assist you a bit we've broken down the show to let you skip to some of the highlights, if you'd like to.

4:20 - Intangibles of the Game

12:20 - Don Munson (Play-by-Play Voice of the Clemson Tigers)

36:45 - Oklahoma Offense vs. Clemson Defense

46:00 - Roy Williams (Yes, he talks about the Superman play)

60:00 - Oklahoma Defense vs. Clemson Offense

1:08:45 - Toby Rowland (Play-by-Play Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners)

1:26:30 - Predictions