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Oklahoma MBB Stays Put at No. 3 In AP Poll, Kansas No. 2

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Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

While Oklahoma won three games this past week and still remained undefeated, they still didn't pass Kansas in the latest AP Poll. Michigan State is still in first, then Kansas and Oklahoma. Two Big 12 teams in the top three is impressive, and Iowa State is still recovering in the polls after their loss to Northern Iowa but have a chance to propel back into the top five with a win over Oklahoma this Saturday. If Oklahoma beats the Cyclones, then a top five matchup between Kansas and the Sooners would happen just two days after that game. It will be a big week for the Big 12, as Oklahoma has a chance to beat the two other best teams in the conference. Kansas also has a chance to defend their homecourt against their biggest challenger this season in the Big 12.

Other than the obvious top three in the Big 12, West Virginia and Baylor are slowly ascending in the polls. West Virginia is No. 19 and Baylor is No. 23. West Virginia also looks like a real threat to win the Big 12 but they dropped their only game against a ranked opponent in a 70-54 loss to now No. 5 Virginia.

Here's the full AP Poll for week 8 of the college basketball season :

1. Michigan State (64)

2. Kansas (1)

3. Oklahoma

4. Maryland

5. Virginia

6. Xavier

7. North Carolina

8. Arizona

9. Butler

10. Kentucky

11. Iowa State

12. Providence

13. Miami

14. Purdue

15. Duke

16. Villanova

17. SMU

18. Louisville

19. West Virginia

20. Texas A&M

21. Utah

22. Cincinnati

23. Baylor

24. South Carolina

25. UCLA