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Video: Orange Bowl Preview With MarkRogersTV & Shakin The Southland

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Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

We've been doing some collaborative work with our SB Nation counterparts over at Shakin The Southland and here's the latest nugget courtesy of Mark RogersTV. Below you'll find the timeline for the conversation. SPOILER ALERT: I picked Oklahoma to win.

0:35 - Clemson Offense vs Oklahoma Defense
1:25 - Watson Interception Concerns?
2:20 - OU Secondary vs Watson
4:05 - Clemson WR's / Pass Distribution
5:20 - Gallman vs OU Rush Defense
6:30 - Clemson DL vs Mayfield, OU OL
8:15 - Perine and Mixon vs Clemson DL
9:10 - Shepard X-Factor
10:20 - OU Winning Formula
10:50 - Clemson as Underdog
14:30 - Special Teams, Field Position
15:40 - Predictions